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About Technorection

Technorection is a podcast series about rebuilding small businesses. Hosted by Simon Yiga, Season 1 focuses on rebuilding Afropark – a parking management company based in Johannesburg, South Africa – run by Simon and business partner Daniel Muwazi.

Afropark was severely impacted by the covid-19 lockdowns and faced total collapse in 2020. Being forced to implement a 50% reduction in staff, take on large loans and losing key clients, Simon talks listeners through the weekly details of Afropark’s recovery revealing the thinking and drive behind an ambitious modernization plan:

Technorection highlights the application of automation technology to drive the rebuilding of traditional old-school service companies like Afropark.

I originally just started recording myself as a way of organizing Daniel and I’s thoughts on the “reboot” of our small business, after it was demolished by Covid. Leading people through major change or crisis does not come easy, but this technology we are working on has the promise to not just save us but propel us into a much more confident future.

I wanted to document the changes, the opportunities and the adventures that we are going through right now – in transparent detail and hopefully have a bit of fun in the process.

Technorection may be of interest to (current or aspiring) entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals or anyone curious about building or rebuilding businesses and organizations using propulsive technology.